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Quality, credibility, precision


The philosophy and professional credo of Law Firm Szabó and Szalai is quality, credibility and precision.

We strive to meet the needs of our Clients in the fastest, simplest and most efficient way by providing premium quality service with the utmost discretion.

We are convinced that building and maintaining a partnership with our Clients is essential for success, so we always plan for the long term, and we strive to provide the widest possible scope of legal services.


Criminal law, Family law and Labour law

We provide effective and high quality defence and victim legal representation.

With regard to divorces in factual (non-consensual) divorce proceedings, as well as in divorce cases based on an agreement, we have the necessary expertise, practical experience, routine and technical knowledge.

Our law firm helps to resolve employment law disputes amicably and out of court, in order to maintain the continued existence of the employment relationship but of course, we also represent our clients in court: both on the plaintiff's and the defendant's side.

We specifically provide representation in the following matters:

Criminal law

fiscal fraud,


against- assets-,





against justice-,

infringing on economic order-,

administration offences.

Family law

parental supervision (contact, visitation),

child custody,

matrimonial property law, property distribution,

child support,

settlement of the use of a common residence (property),

assistance in mediation proceedings.

Labour law

wrongful termination of employment,

compensation, damages,

accident at work,

disciplinary proceedings.

Unique and exceptional professional experience in the field of criminal law (and law of misdemeanours)

Dr. Zsolt Tibor Szabó, attorney-at-law, as a defender and researcher, as a lecturer at the Department of Criminal Law of the ELTE-ÁJK and as a doctoral candidate (Ph.D.), is able to move confidently and decisively before the authorities and courts due to his skills and abilities acquired over more than ten years in the field of criminal law.

He has been involved in the country's most important and most significant criminal cases, including economic, property, fiscal and transport cases, and has taken an active role as a defender and as legal representative on the side of the defendant or the victim.

Unique and exceptional professional experience in family law (divorce)

Dr. Péter Szalai, attorney-at-law, specialized in civil law in the broad sense of the term, and has been continuously representing clients before courts in divorce cases, both in factual and in divorce by mutual consent (dissolution).
In addition to litigation, He has a high degree of competence in the area of child custody, including guardianship proceedings.
He has specialised knowledge and experience in property law matters, whether marriage, civil partnership or registered partnership.

In the event of criminal suspicions arising in the context of family law, he also represents the victim before the authorities and courts.

In criminal proceedings, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

In criminal proceedings - given that time is of crucial importance we are available at all times, both at night and at weekends, we are committed to providing immediate legal (defence) assistance.

Call us immediately if the subject matter of the case or the procedural act cannot be postponed, whether it is a prospective detention, an arrest warrant, a search, an interrogation of a suspect, a major offence of economic nature, corruption, a crime against life, physical integrity, health, traffic, drugs or budget fraud.

Professional accountability

Our professional credo is to provide high quality legal services with a focus on quality, reliability and precision at all times.
Meeting our clients’ needs in the fastest, simplest and most efficient manner, with the highest discretion. We offer security.
We are determined, prepared, up-to-date, constantly available, and always committed to our profession and our clients.

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The lawyers of the Law Firm Szabó and Szalai have up-to-date, in-depth and complex legal knowledge, extensive and wide-ranging professional expertise, as well as a flexible and dynamic, yet traditional, way of thinking, which enables us to provide legal services to individuals, companies and businesses, covering a very broad spectrum of law.


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